We Recommend

The book Speed Cleaning by Jeff Campbell has saved us from cleaning for hours on end when flipping the rental. So smart and efficient, we could not sustain this rental without this book. Even in the messiest situations, we can clean the entire house in a very reasonable amount of time, with breathing room to freshen up before we greet guests.

Good old fashioned White Vinegar (buy at any grocery store) mixed with water in a spray bottle is what we used to clean everything. It's really amazing stuff.

For the tough stuff like the tub when there have been 6 people renting for several days, we use Bon Ami Cleanser. It's all natural scouring powder like Comet, without the chemicals. It works great on soap scum and hard water marks. They also have it in liquid which, if you can find it in bulk, is great to have on hand.

Swiffer Dry Sweeper and Swiffer Wet Mop pads. We hesitated using these because they are not biodegradable and seem to have a very perfumy scent (smells more concentrated when you open the package, but fine once you use it). But they really are essential to cleaning fast and thorough. The first time Jay used them, he was hooked. If anyone knows of an earth crunchy version of these, I'd love to hear about it. But for now they keep our hardwood floors sparkling.

At first we were using this massive, heavy vacuum cleaner for the rugs. One day Jay comes home with a present for me from a Black Friday sale of this Eureka Airspeed One for my office at home. I used it a couple times and really liked it because it was so lightweight, and the roller brush was kicking butt. So I brought it to the farmhouse and I'm so glad I did. Moving it up and down stairs is easy and there is no bag, so you just dump out the dust. The filter is washable so no other purchases are needed. Sweet!

Microfiber Cloths. We each keep two of these in our back pockets when cleaning. I use one for dusting and one for wet cleaning, a little spritz of vinegar water for cleaning surfaces, mirrors etc.

Fellow Airbnb hosts had warned us how much laundry we'd be doing for the rental. While I didn't ignore them, I certainly didn't have the capacity to actually understand how much laundry does need doing. And it's a lot! The great thing is, I, Ryanne, actually enjoy doing laundry. If you don't like doing laundry, you should seriously think long and hard whether being an Airbnb host is something you really want to do.

I got a great deal on some 100 oz scent free detergent at our local grocery outlet. But I went through that real fast! I have currently been enjoying Costco brand generic commercial grade powder that comes in big buckets. But I have also found some deals online for big buckets of concentrated detergent. We prefer unscented, because we hate the smell of perfume on sheets (or anywhere). You also have to think about guests with super sensitivities to smell or skin allergies.

Oxiclean (or generic Sodium Percarbonate which is cheaper and the same thing). I can't deny it, this sh*t is the best. For a long time, I was like nah! But I bought some to pretreat those nasty makeup stains on the towels (this WILL happen to you) and it worked like a freakin miracle. I just dissolve a scoop in liquid detergent, brushed it on with an old toothbrush, let it sit for 1 hour- overnight if possible. And almost any stain is gone after that. Now I put a scoop in with every wash. Yes, I am a convert. 

As mentioned, we have very hard water, so linens can come out super wrinkly even after using the dryer. My mom was like "you need fabric softener and dryer sheets!". Both of which are heavy chemical and scent laden. So I googled it and found that, again, white vinegar saves the day. Instead of putting fabric softener liquid in the little washer cup, use white vinegar, it neutralizes the hard water minerals. Your linens will not smell like anything after they're rinsed and I've noticed a big difference after using this method.

Instead of fabric softener dryer sheets, I bought some wool dryer balls on ebay and throw them in to help speed up the drying, prevent wrinkles (though you should just not stuff the dryer full and that will easily prevent them) and prevent static cling. A cool tip is to sprinkle a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to give your linens a fresh scent. Pure essential oils will not stain fabric. My favorites are Peppermint, Sweet Orange and Lavender.

Sheets and Towels
Again, my friends told us we'd need a lot of linens and they were right. When flipping the house in a 3 hour window, you're not cleaning, drying and then using those linens again. You have a second (or even third) set of everything. EVERYTHING. That means bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, kitchen towels, sheet sets (we have 3 bedrooms) etc etc that are clean and ready to be used.