Shampoo & Booze 51: Renovation Stage 3 - 50% Complete

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It's been a while since we've posted. Why? TAXES. No big deal, but as anyone who's self-employed knows, taxes can be as surprising part of not having an employer who automatically deducts taxes out of paychecks.The great news is that we're all caught up now.

But this also meant taking a couple months off from the renovation on our second rental. We plan to pick up again in May and hopefully finish as quick as possible. As stressful as running our own businesses can be, we enjoy being able to strategize where we put our energy and money.

Spring is finally here and that means the beginning of rental season for us since we live in a vacation area. We're experimenting with our prices again this year to see what the market will bear. It's always a balance between getting a fair price for your place and keeping the calendar booked. We're also hoping guests enjoy the upgrades to the Farmhouse that we did over the winter. Always doing little improvements keeps us engaged in our place.

We also started an Instagram account to show off our places and connect and promote other local businesses. Follow us and we'll do the same!

Check out the new rental that are friends, Mikey and Wendy, just completed. We know how much work they did to make this place awesome. If you're ever in New Mexico, check out them out. 

Hope things are going well for you!
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