Shampoo & Booze 52: Do I Charge Friends And Family to Stay At My Rental?

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Our friends, Mikey and Wendy, just started their own Airbnb rental. We know how much work they put in to build this place from scratch. It looks awesome!

Since they're just starting, Mikey asked a good question: how do you handle friends and family who want to come stay? Can they stay for free or just a discount? Do you put a limit on the number of days they can stay? How do you have this conversation when your rental is a business?

Our family and friends know our rental is a business we depend on. So we definitely let family stay for free (because we love them!), but they know that staying for long periods of time would mean we would lose a lot of income. Friends know we give discounts but staying for free isn't possible. We sometimes barter with friends for a free stay which is fun because we get some work done.

With summer vacation starting, it's just the beginning of the height of our rental season for the Farmhouse. We're booking 20+ nights a month. Feels great. On the other hand....after a three month hiatus on our River House renovation, we're just now starting work again. Our goal is to get it done by August 1. Cross our fingers!

We were mentioned on a couple blogs recently: Fashionably Broke and Lodgify. There are some links to some other good podcasts we hadn't heard from. 

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