About Us

Shampoo and Booze? What kind of name is that?

Those are the two things we find most often left by guests in our Airbnb rental. They're both nice things to find, so we don't mind.

Who are you people?

Ryanne and Jay started the podcast. We moved to a rural area after living in Boston, NYC and San Francisco. It just so happens to be a place where lots of people come for vacations, weekend get-aways and weddings- the perfect place for an Airbnb business.

After buying a foreclosure and fixing it up for ourselves to live in, we bought our second property specifically to rent out on Airbnb. We found an 1850s brick farmhouse not too far from our house, bought it and took 3 years to renovate and decorate. We've been renting since Feb 2015 and loving it. We have since renovated another house for Airbnb and have purchased two mixed use properties on our little Main Street.

With over 350 5-star reviews on Airbnb, we pride ourselves in running a tight, hospitality ship!

We also run a full time business selling cool stuff on eBay. You can hear our podcast about that at ScavengerLife.com.

Ashley (sister of Ryanne) is the newest member of the S&B podcast. She lives in Massachusetts and has run an airbnb out of her apartment for 3 years. Also a super-host and design nerd, she comes from a visual arts background with a real passion for hosting people.

Having traveled extensively herself, she knows what makes a welcoming space and has an eye for detail. She and Ryanne have been collaborating on projects and ideas since high school and are excited to launch this new chapter in the podcast.

Over the years, we are asked all the time for advice on running airbnb's and we're excited to now offer this service!

How can I work with you?
Great question! Check out our Services Page.