Shampoo & Booze 53: Renovation 100% Done! Now time to make money.

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We finished the renovation. Pop the champagne (or apple cider)! Check it out. We even have a bunch of bookings already. Feels great! See below for some before and after photos. Wow, what a job that was.

We are currently traveling for 30 days in Scandinavia before a video job in Vienna. We have been able to find a couple great people in our area to clean our rental while we're gone. We simply plug in a new Data SIM (Cell Hire has worked in every country we've been in, it's great) and communicate with any guests and our cleaners. This is the dream. Hope we can maintain it with a second rental.

Our farmhouse rental has been doing great as well. We recently changed out the washer when it broke to a compact apartment sized one by Magic Chef (it holds a lot more than it seems) and we absolutely love it! We also added an Amplifi Wifi Mesh network to have the best connectivity possible. It's pricey on Amazon, but you can find a deal if you keep an eye out on eBay.

We want to know what you want to hear from this podcast if we continue making it. We took a long break doing updates while we finished the house and wanted to do an update. Is this still interesting to you? Hope your rentals are rockin!

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