Shampoo & Booze 3: Airbnb Hosts Traveling As Guests

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We currently have the pleasure of traveling in Europe (Amsterdam at the moment) as guests rather than hosts for the next month. While our friend manages our Airbnb rental while we're away, we get to re-experience the other side of Airbnb as travelers. We were always picky about the places we stay (place to put our clothes? cooking oil? clean shower?), but now we have a new perspective on what it takes to really make guests happy. Another topic we dive into- under promising, over delivering. How do you do it? We'd love to hear about it in the comments.

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  1. Your rental is beautiful and it looks like you've put in a lot of work making it look modern. However I would think that most people who want to stay at a farmhouse in a rural mountain area would want more of a rustic country feel. I could totally be wrong but that's what I would want if I wanted a getaway spot.

    1. i'm not sure what you mean, can you elaborate?

    2. There are plenty of rentals in our area that are look like they were decorated by a cowboy grandma. Think rustic, hunting cabin mixed with country kitsch. So if you were you come to our area, you could choose those places. It's par for the course.

      We wanted to create a place that was different from the rest. Has the appeal of an old brick house, but mixes it with modern details and conveniences. If people weren't booking our place, I'd be worried we made a mistake...but our fully booked schedule shows we're attracting the right people.

    3. ah i see what you mean. yeah there are plenty of what we call 'grandma hunting cabins' to be rented in our area. don't like modern? that's fine, you can rent these types of places--

    4. I like modern. I would just think the appeal of a mountain farmhouse wouldn't be modern. Please don't take offense. And I don't mean dead animals on the wall either. Not that back woods. Just meant more earthy which some of your pieces already are. Either way you've done a beautiful job with the house.

    5. it's a valid question to ask when starting a business- is there a need for this? will people pay for this? we asked ourselves that for 3 years while spending every penny we made on this house to get it ready. the answer was always yes. i believe the rustic aspects of our house mixed with modern conveniences make it very unique to our area. the house was the original homestead on an 800 acre farm built in the 1850s. it's on the edge of the national park with 2 acres of land on it now surrounded by forest. you can't get much more rustic or historic than that. the fact that we have wifi, netflix, recessed lighting, new windows and new furniture (ok most of it is actually vintage) doesn't deter from those aspects, it adds to them. also, as jay mentioned, the number of bookings per month seals the deal and answers our original question of 'is there a need for this?'.