Shampoo & Booze 21: Interview with Molly, Airbnb Host in Silverlake, Los Angeles

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Molly has a super popular rental in the hip neighborhood of Silverlake in LA. She's basically booked every night of the month. And we know why, her place is so cool! Check it out. We love talking to other hosts in far off (from us) locations because it lets us compare and contrast our experiences. Something we all seem to have in common- wanting our time and independence from an office job. Molly is pretty much there, with plans to buy another place in SoCal to expand her Airbnb business. We can't wait to check in with her a year from now to see how it's all going. Thanks Molly! (P.S. These are the Kwikset electronic locks Jay was thinking of. We do have these beautiful Schlage door handles though.)

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  1. You guys, this was seriously the best interview! Jay was so on point asking about what issues to think of before hand etc. It was exactly what I was hoping to know. Molly is a wealth of information and I so appreciated her sharing her knowledge and experience with those of us who are still trying to sort out just how we can make ABB work for us. My husband and I live in uptown Phoenix and are trying to take a look at this city with new eyes. Who comes here, why and what happens in July? If we build it will they come?

    1. Yeah, Molly was great. I had even more questions for her, but we were pushing 90 minutes! It's exciting talking to others who are just working hard and making it up as they go along. That's the fun of this life.

    2. Somehow, I have a feeling we will be talking again someday. Jay, thank you so much for the lovely chat!

  2. Hi blissedlife,

    Thank you for your comment! I've never done this sort of thing and was wondering how it would be received. Yes-if you build it they will come! I have been to Phoenix twice now. You have amazing restaurants, the Heard Museum (from which I acquired three beautiful pieces of pottery). Old Town Scottsdale is not far away which has amazing antique/consignment stores and the jewelry, oh! the turquoise jewelry.

    I have stared many a long moment at those Two Grey Hills rugs which I still cannot seem to afford. But one day. One day. I mean-what's not to love? Remember, there are plenty of people in the world that love the hot hot heat, even in the summertime. I love standing in front of The Mirage in Las Vegas in the middle of summer and getting that extra blast of heat from that volcano! I know-crazy! Do not fear..

    They will come!

  3. Great podcast Jay & Molly. Thank you for posting it. If a person has a property in a pretty desirable location, I can't see any reason why anyone would want a long-term rental. This just seems to make so much sense. Especially if you could double, if not triple your rental income. Really enjoy these podcasts!