Shampoo & Booze 48: Renovation Stage 1 COMPLETE

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The renovation has been taking up all of our time- hence the lack of podcast. However, we're happy to say that the first stage of unglamorous work (framing, some flooring, windows, siding) is done. On to stage 2 of unglamorous work (electrical, insulation, HVAC, drywall, finish plumbing)! See photos below of some of the dirty work we've had our hands in.

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  1. Replies
    1. the view is basically why we bought the house. it's beautiful!

  2. It looks amazing. The house and the view. I'm certain that it will be very popular once it's complete and ready to be rented out.

  3. It wont even look like the same house when you are done.

  4. So what made you go with traditional window style instead of the previous mid-century-modern wall of windows? It was pretty striking in the original photos.

    1. yeah. like jay said- i'll echo that a modern version of the 'wall of glass' done with energy efficient/tinted windows (that side is south facing omg!) costs a damn fortune, esp because several would be custom triangle or trapezoidal shapes and we would had to hire a specialty glass company to make them and install them. would have cost as much as all our windows combined or more. so we ordered the nicest/most energy efficent/easiest to install windows we could (Andersen).

  5. Is The Josh Leo? I'm glad you found us over here on this random project.

    We chose these windows because of a couple practical reasons:
    --These are the most awesome, efficient windows we could find. It'll keep that hot sun out during the day.
    --We wanted big sheets of glass to seethe view, instead of breaking up the view with smaller windows.
    --It's expensive to create a wall of glass. We just couldnt afford it.