Shampoo & Booze 24: Outside- Just As Important As The Inside of Your Airbnb Rental

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As springtime springs and summer approaches, we remember how important the outside areas of our house are for attracting guests. Creating and maintaining the land can be time consuming and pricey, but when you hear from your guests about how much fun they had exploring the woods and the stream, that makes it all worth it. Plus it's cheaper than a pool!

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  1. Just a quick comment about a third party booking on behalf of a guest. As a travel agent myself- I would love to book an Airbnb property for clients. There are plenty of people out there who do not want to spend their time hunting on the internet for a place to vacation. If Airbnb worked with agents it would open up a whole new world.

    1. that is a great point. i wonder how that would work and how airbnb could implement it. i'm surprised they haven't built a way for travel agents to do this. maybe it's coming in the future.

    2. So you want to be able to book it in their name? That would be an interesting feature.

      We've thought about putting our rental on
      Would this be something you would use for clients?

    3. we just got a message from Airbnb that there is a Business Travel Program that will now allow "managers" to book for people. here is the link to the program--

      so it looks like you may be able to book for clients if you set up a system with Airbnb.

  2. As a host what I do with third party bookings is:

    1.- I tell the person making the booking that I need to know the full identification data of the person staying at the place

    2.- Once they arrive I see their identification documents (passport or other id ) and I check they match with the id provided.

    It works for me

    Juan J Bande