Shampoo & Booze 41: An ex-Airbnb Employee Tells Us How to Improve Our Listings

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We recently met Daniel Rusteen in San Francisco. He used to work at Airbnb before he left to start his own business called that helps hosts show up higher in the search ranking and get more bookings.

Though he didn't have any secrets to share, he was able to tell us some smart best practices when it comes to presenting your place on Airbnb. Some of the advice was common sense (or should be), but he also had good insights on what guests (and thus the Airbnb search engine) look for. We especially were paying attention to his thoughts on the three most important sections of your Airbnb listing.

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  1. Thanks for another informative podcast. Good advice.

  2. Just caught up to this - great insights from Daniel. It may not seem earth shattering to you guys because of your eBay experience. And from my SEO work I definitely heard a lot of familiar things. But it's cool to hear from someone with lots of experience just how similar Airbnb actually is.

    If a website has a search box, you're gonna see the same factors pop up again and again.