Shampoo & Booze 43: The Stress of Renovation

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We're into our second week of renovating our second rental AKA the River House. The video and photos below show how we're gutting the house and adding on an additional room. We're uncovering everything to make sure we fix any issues and do it right the first time. The job will last at least twelve more weeks (maybe longer!?)

This is our third house that we've fully renovated, so we're not amateurs. But it doesn't make it any less stressful. Handfuls of money are flying out the door each day. Even if when we plan all the details, some things remain out of our control. The good news? We know that this project will end, the house will be awesome, and we'll make money from it for years to come. It's that gap between now and then that's painful. Some people invest in 401k's. We invest in rental property.

We'd love to hear other people's stories on renovations. Was it worth it?

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