Shampoo & Booze 44: The Duplex, A Home and An Airbnb Business

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April lives and hosts in beautiful Lake Tahoe, California. She moved there when she was young so she could ski all winter. Being smart, she bought a duplex where she could live on one side and rent the other half. Add being a bartender and she created a pretty great life.

But recently when her long time tenant moved out, April decided to try Airbnb. Very quickly she was making much more money. Her duplex was an even better idea than she could have dreamed of when she bought it years ago.

We enjoyed listening to April share how she updated her interior design to attract Airbnb guests, how she does check-ins, and her experience living right next to her renters. Plus, her plans for the future. Check out the super cute duplex in the photos below.

We would love to buy a dulpex as well because it's often the price of a single home, but has two  units. If you live in a beautiful place, it's a great investment for renting to vacationers.

Just ask questions in the comments. We'd love to hear your experience.

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  1. It looks so cozy. Thanks for the interview.

  2. Great conversation! April, you are on your way... Duplexes yield great cash flow.