Shampoo & Booze 59: Listener Q&A, We Answer Your Airbnb Rental Questions

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THIS WEEK we are answering listener questions. We love hearing from you and what questions you're wrestling with. We cover a question about pricing, why and when to charge per-person or a flat fee. We also address whether to give 'welcome gifts', have a working oven, or the age old question: Should I have a Karaoke machine?!?!

We had an amazing response to our GIVEAWAY for a free on-air video design and listing advice for your airbnb. We will be choosing a winner and airing that podcast very soon!

SEND US YOUR QUESTIONS either as a voice memo or written to

We're also proud to announce our Airbnb Advice and Design services! We're calling ourselves Not Perfect Design and you can see all our service tiers here.

Thinking of becoming an Airbnb host or guest? Use our referral code and get $20 off your next stay or $80 credit if you become a host!

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