Shampoo & Booze 63: Airbnb Design Advice Critique, Video Edition PART 2

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This episode we chose a WINNER for our Design Advice Giveaway (Jordan!and recorded a Two Part Video giving him advice for his fabulous Airbnb in upstate New York. Check out his airbnb HERE.

We cover ideas for each room and  below are links to all of the items we suggested in Part One for his spaces. We always encourage second-hand and low-cost solutions for brightening and updating your short-term rentals. For clients we put together ideas to purchase or look for in your buying/hunting, and this gives you an idea of how that might work. See our Advice Services HERE.

Off-White Braided Jute Rug, RugsUSA

Check out Part One of our Design Advice Giveaway!

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